Could your company use more customers?

We help companies find great customers on the internet.

Everything begins with the customer

Identify Customers

Gaining an understanding of where your customers are and what they need is the first step in growing your business

Engage Customers

Speaking to a customer’s needs in language they relate to creates customers that will help grow your business for you

Keep Customers

One of the most effective ways to grow your company is to delight customers so they purchase from you again and again.

And everything ends with the customer.

Starter Social Media Plan $20/day


Attracting people through hashtags, likes, following, custom media, and geolocations.


Gain a following by us following other related accounts, hashtag use, and custom media!


To instagram inspired connections, hashtags, following others, liking content, and Messenger direct customer reply.


With communities that would take your business and grow together and link your other social media to it. Pictures and graphics provided.


Snap plan designed to give you the greatest ability to succeed and grow with adGeofilters, geolocations, giveaways, funny videos, and pictures with updates!


Yelp Advertising, Page, Automatic responder to reviews, Check-in Offer setup, and Uber Eats and GrubHub setup!

The first step to a great marketing plan is clarity

Instinctive product insight

If your company already has social media and it doesn't work for you and it's too time-consuming or it's not gaining the traffic you would want, we got your back! Using fun ways to advertise your company we can kick start and then trend your company to the very top. It all starts with who you follow, like, tag, hashtag, and even direct message. As our promise, you are guaranteed to increase sales.
Ruben Morales CIO, Starter Trend

Combining laser precision targeting with time-tested marketing best practices

Our tactical approach to product promotion blends time-tested marketing principles with research guided laser specific targeting to produce unparalleled results. The difference will amaze you.

There is a surefire way to find the customers who would love the opportunity to buy your product

Let us optimize your marketing strategy to catapult your sales to the next level

Customers will tell you exactly what they want to buy if you will listen

The times have changed, your marketing should reflect that and social media changes that

What would happen to your company if all your customers made just one more purchase?

You are probably throwing away hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month unnecessarily. Let us fix that.
Starter Trend is helping small businesses grow on social media and gain more traffic than ever before.